“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit…”

Standing at the crossroads  Asia and Europe…Turkey is one of the most attractive emerging markets in the  world… A Plus Consultancy corporation cooperates as your secure partner when you are a local - foreign company and want to make an investment and/or do business in Turkey. Headquarters purposively located in Izmir, West-Turkey, close to potent investment regions, acts with branches in Ýstanbul, Ankara, Bodrum. Highly specialised in assisting, we create you the extra time, energy and capital you need and work for your highest benefit.A Plus provides you, business strategy development, evaluation and development of projects, development of technical and organisational infrastructure services with A+ marked quality. Where it is neccesary we supply the widest range of services including government related, legal, financial, educational and connectional subjects.Working with A Plus is not only maintaining services but a creation of solutions by experienced guides in their fields.“…letting business run, lets run business…”