Face Mask Machine

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--How many stations on the machine?

This machine has two stations.

1- First; mask production machine, capacity is 200pcs/minute (This is mask body machine)

2- Second; welding machine. This makes welding elastic rope (ear loop) to body of masks capacity is 50pcs/minute. Cannot be more. You can add welding up to 4 machines. You can buy Twin set; later add one or 2 welding machines.

--What is the production capacity for finished goods?

ATTENTION; welding machines determines your production capacity Main machine capacity (mask body machine) is the same in all options and 200 pcs/ minute

1-Mask machine full ultrasonic welding. Produce only 3 ply mask body. (Call Mono) produce 200 pcs mask body without Earloop.

2-Mask machine + 2 earloop welding machine (Call Twin) produce 100 pcs earlooped mask

3-Mask machine + 3 earloop welding machine (Call Triple) produce 150 pcs earlooped mask

4-Mask machine + 4 earloop welding machine (Call Quadro set) produce 200 pcs earlooped mask

--Can I produce another kind of mask with this machine?

Yes, you can produce Surgery laced operator mask with same machine (lace-up type).

But welding system has another kind. Because of that, if you want to add Surgery mask welding machine to it, ask for the price. You can add to set instead of ear loop welding.

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